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Ryhming tales that teach the golden rule and warm the heart~

Meet Plaid! Our new 64 page hardback treasury just launched*Winter 2015*


PLAID: A Tale of Compassion

 PLAID does not think that anyone cares or notices when he breaks his leg. He is so upset and feels that he has nowhere to turn. But his friends, Duff and Dooney, come to his side, assuring him that he is never alone. They help him heal, teaching children about compassion through empathetic and kind friendships.

PLAID: A Tale of Love

 Plaid is scared to go sailing with his friends, Duff and Dooney.  He has never been on a boat. Duff and Dooney help to calm Plaid and kindly offer to return to shore, giving up their day of fun, so that their friend does not feel so nervous.  They put Plaid's feelings before their own, which Plaid appreciates.  Their selflessness inspires Plaid to continue on with their sail, teaching children that love is powerful and does have positive effects on those around them.

Happy Birthday, PLAID! A Tale of Sharing

Happy Birthday, Plaid! A Tale of Sharing, is the perfect way to celebrate a child's birthday while teaching them the importance of sharing! In this book, Cousin Wes, Plaid's Westie cousin, surprises Plaid for his birthday!  But during the party, the scotties realize they are one cupcake short. They are not sure what to do!  Plaid breaks his into two and tells his friends that he is happy to share his cupcake, because that is what friends do! The party is a great success and the lesson of sharing is learned by all, thanks to PLAID!

PLAID: A Tale of Joy

PLAID: A Tale of Joy, is the perfect winter tale about three friends enjoying a beautiful, snowy day together.  They ice skate, make snow angels, throw snowballs and and have a magical time experiencing pure JOY! Nothing is more fun than a snow day with friends, and Plaid, Duff and Dooney remind us of that in this sweet story!